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Worksheets , Homework , Printables. Add to cart. Wish List. Students will use the website Dive and Discover to help them answer the questions about Chemosynthesis. I would appreciate if you would leave feedback for this item. Thank you! Follow my store to get updates on new items as they are added. Science , Biology. Worksheets , Activities , Internet Activities. This worksheet can be used when studying adaptation, symbiosis, chemosynthesis or even the structure and function of animals.

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The tube worm is a fascinating animal that survives without a digestive tract, using the organic compounds made for them by symbiotic bacteria that live in what used to be. Biology , Chemistry , Environment. Worksheets , Minilessons. Product Overview: This is a great 17 slide PPT that can be used for a flipped classroom HW assignment, or to teach hydrothermal vents and chemosynthesis vs photosynthesis, or features on the ocean floor.

If you're planning on using this as an activating strategy, you could, but you might want to rem. Lectures , Homework. I use this article and the corresponding questions with my A. Biology students. The article not included, but it can easily be found on the internet or by scanning the QR code provided on the questions , is a discussion paper from a journal called Biogeosciences Discussions. Not only will it help. Science , Biology , Biology. Worksheets , Activities , Homework.

This resource has a fill-in notetaking sheet and answer key and a Venn diagram with answer key. Worksheets , Activities , Printables. Add these resources to your or use. Biology , Earth Sciences , Earth Day. Worksheets , Multimedia , Printables. This close reading informational text discusses the discovery that not all life on Earth depends on photosynthesis and the sun!

The ecosystem and food web of the Hydrothermal vents, the formation of the ven. Biology , Earth Sciences , Informational Text. Worksheets , Handouts , Homework. This product contains two different resources. Activities , Handouts , Multimedia.

This bundle includes resources to help the educator themselves and their students understand. Show 8 included products. ANswer keys included. Hyperlink given In the talk Ballard shares the need for exploration of the deep oceans, the Mid Ocean Ridg. Biology , Environment , Engineering. Multimedia , Homework , Movie Guides. Photosynthesis vs Chemosynthesis.

Worksheet to compare and contrast photosynthesis to chemosynthesis in the ocean. Science , Biology , Other Science. Worksheets , Handouts , Interactive Notebooks. Chemosynthesis and Photosynthesis - 10 minute assignment. Also included is a transcript of the video, for hearing impaired st. Bacteria and Viruses Bundle. It's all here! This bundle contains everything you need to teach a fantastic unit on viruses and bacteria to your biology or life science students. From the engaging PowerPoint to the final unit test, this bundle contains loads of NO PREP materials that are ready to be copied and passed out to you.

Science , Biology , General Science. PowerPoint Presentations , Activities , Laboratory.

Show 15 included products. Ecosystems Bundle. This "Ecosystems Complete Unit Bundle" Includes everything you need to teach a unit on ecosystems, energy flow and the recycling of matter to your life science or biology students. The bundle contains an slide PowerPoint presentation, lecture notes for the teacher, a guided notes outline for the. VA SOL:. Show 9 included products. Earth's History and the Origin of Life Bundle. Some scientists think the vents are modern-day examples of environments where life began on Earth billions of years ago.

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Chemosynthetic Symbioses: Living Together Can Be Fun

And the vents might also hold clues to life on other planets. The thriving communities of life that surround these hydrothermal vents shocked the scientific world when the first vent was discovered in Before , scientists believed that all forms of life ultimately depended on the Sun for energy. For all ecosystems then known to exist, plants or photosynthetic microbes constituted the base of the food chain. In contrast, these vent ecosystems depend on microbes that tap into the chemical energy in the geyser water that billows out from the sea floor -- energy that originates within the Earth itself.

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Photosynthesis gives off oxygen gas as a byproduct, while chemosynthesis produces sulfur 4. Image courtesy Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Because they offer an alternative way for life to meet its fundamental need for energy, these vent ecosystems have piqued the interest of astrobiologists -- scientists who study the plausibility of life starting elsewhere in the universe. One chore that astrobiologists have struggled with for years is to define the range of conditions temperature, salinity, irradiation, chemical composition, etc.

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The discovery of hydrothermal vent ecosystems expanded that range. Hydrothermal vents form along mid-ocean ridges, in places where the sea floor moves apart very slowly 6 to 18 cm per year as magma wells up from below. This is the engine that drives Earth's tectonic plates apart, moving continents and causing volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. When cold ocean water seeps through cracks in the sea floor to hot spots below, hydrothermal vents belch a mineral-rich broth of scalding water. Sometimes, in very hot vents, the emerging fluid turns black -- creating a "black smoker" -- because dissolved sulfides of metals iron, copper, and several heavy metals instantaneously precipitate out of solution when they mix with the cold surrounding seawater.

So far, the hallmark red and white tubeworms have not been spotted at this vent. Deep-sea bacteria form the base of a varied food chain that includes shrimp, tubeworms, clams, fish, crabs, and octopi. The ability of life to tap such geothermal energy raises interesting possibilities for other worlds like Jupiter's moon Europa, which probably harbors liquid water beneath its icy surface. Europa is squeezed and stretched by gravitational forces from Jupiter and the other Galilean satellites.

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Tidal friction heats the interior of Europa possibly enough to maintain the solar system's biggest ocean. Could similar hydrothermal vents in Europa's dark seas fuel vent ecosystems like those found on Earth? The only way to know is to go there and check. Astrobiologists are increasingly convinced that life on Earth itself might have started in the sulfurous cauldron around hydrothermal vents.

Vent environments minimize oxygen and radiation, which can damage primitive molecules. Indeed, many of the primordial molecules needed to jump-start life could have formed in the subsurface from the interaction of rock and circulating hot water driven by hydrothermal systems.

Chemosynthesis - Comparing chemosynthesis with photosynthesis

If this idea proves true, then as Van Dover gazes through the submarine's camera at the vents on the floor of the Indian Ocean, she may be seeing both a portrait of life's genesis in Earth's distant past -- and a glimpse of alien life yet to be discovered. Editor's note : Michael Meyer, the Astrobiology Discipline Scientist at NASA headquarters remarks: "Right now, the hydrothermal systems are dependent on oxygen as the electron acceptor, which comes from photosynthesis. But it does raise the possibility of a thriving hydrothermal system in an anoxic environment, presumably driven by H2S going to elemental sulfur and not sulfate.

The images in this story are courtesy of Dive and Discover. Dive and Discover -- extensive information about the current Knorr expedition, including pictures and daily updates from the ship.