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From writing strategies to varying sentence length and type to understanding stimulus and prompt and to providing several examples to familiarize you with the entire process, the Covcel GED Prep program provides everything you need to craft the best possible response. The Covcel GED RLA Prep program also provides a sample study plan that breaks down each module and lesson into simple, workable blocks to maximize learning and minimize feeling overwhelmed. If you have more time to spend, then you can add it.

The program is designed for each student to maximize its value. Furthermore, given how busy many of us are, it may seem as though this is an unachievable goal.

Here is a list of modules that are included in the program. You give advice… to pay attention to children to stop them from developing bad behavior that will follow them into adulthood.

I think the idea for the conclusion is good, but that it could be more clearly stated. The details that you give in the essay are specific bad things children might do, and the story from your own life about burning your hand. I think that the details is really what needs work in this essay… you need to pick a couple of specific examples that really fit into your main idea drinking alcohol is a good one, and so is smoking cigarettes, since both of these definitely become bad adult behavior!

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You do have some language mistakes that make it a little hard to follow. One thing is that you use semicolons ; where you need commas. Try looking at GED Academy lessons on punctuation for more advice on semicolons and commas…but basically, everywhere you tend to use a semicolon, try putting a comma instead.

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There are minor errors throughout the essay. Maybe by the time you wrote the conclusion, you were tired, or hurried… that happens. Take a breath. Try to write with simple sentences.

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I think you did okay with word choice. Most of your choices were good, accurate words. For organization, a good resource for you is probably the five-paragraph essay. Here are some resources:.

How to Easily Beat the GED Language Arts Extended Response Essay in 2019!

If you are enrolled already, just log in to the study program online. Each state has its own GED testing rules and regulations.

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