There is no link between vaccines and autism.

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30 facts about autism you need to know about autism

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Research paper on autism - College Homework Help and Online Tutoring.

Our customer support will gladly tell you whether there are any special offers at the moment, as well as make sure that you are receiving the best service our company can deliver. Autism is a brain disorder that causes difficulties in social interaction as well as verbal and nonverbal communication. You will have to discuss many facets of the autism issue in your research paper, but firstly you should come up with a strong thesis statement. Here are a couple of good examples:. Making up the main statement of your paper, keep in mind that you will have to do research and find arguments to support it.

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Thesis paper on autism

Topics inner page inner page. Secrets Do homework online inner page. Hints inner page inner page. The second dimension is behavioral change, and this behavioral change must be measured using objective parameters and not non-behavioral substitutes. The analytical dimension in the applied setting is demonstrated by behavioral control and maintenance of moral ethical standards.

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The technological characteristic implies that the descriptions made in ABA studies or researches are detailed, clear and precise. Hence, such studies can be replicated by a researcher.

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  • The conceptually systematic characteristic involves the utilization of procedures and interventions; and the interpretation of the obtained results within the limits of the principles of the procedures employed. The dimension of effectiveness analyses the practicability of ABA procedures in treating ASD and achieving the essential practical or social objectives. Finally, the generality dimension involves maintenance or continued gradual changes and enhancements of a particular skill after the behavioral interventions, for that specific skill, has been withdrawn for a significant period Mendelsohn, Secondly, there is the response to the stimulus, such as a specific resultant behavioral response to a specific stimulus or lack of response to that particular stimulus.

    Finally, there is the consequence, which is either the establishment of a positive reinforcement, or lack of response for an inappropriate behavior. The skills in ABA are divided into small discrete tasks which are subsequently taught using prompts that gradually fade out as the required skills are grasped. Positive reinforcement is done using verbal praise or any tangible object that the student considers rewarding. Individual programming has two main components: the curriculum and the ABA teaching methods.

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    The curriculum for students with ASD mostly caters for the areas that need attention. These areas include communication, difficult behaviors, language development, independent functioning, life skills, leisure and play skills; and, social interaction and emotional development. Hence, the ABA teaching methods encompasses the following strategies: prompt, fading, task analysis, discrete trail training, shaping and chaining, pivotal response training, modeling, social scripting or script fading, video instruction, priming, incidental teaching, and structured peer-play interactions Mendelsohn, Reinforcement in ABA is a systematic consequence aimed at increasing the frequency of desirable behavior, not just using rewards to motivate the student.

    Thus, reinforcement must be linked directly to the values of the student, and needs to be planned and monitored closely. The procedure for reinforcement is as follows. Initially, the behavior that needs to be modified is selected.

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    Next, the most potent reinforces that will alter this behavior are selected. The reinforcements are then made immediately when the behavior under consideration is manifested. The reinforcement is more effective when the reinforcer follows the behavior closely. Lastly, data on that specific behavior is collected prior to, for the duration of and subsequent to the teaching strategy or intervention that had been put in place for monitoring the progress of the student Mendelsohn, The data collection tools of ABA are more useful than the common assessment methods.

    The assessment methods used in the teaching strategy include the following: data collection and graphing, benchmarks, checklists, rubrics, running records, anecdotal records and video recording. The following measurements are used during data collection: frequency of demonstration of the required skills, the number of times these skills were done appropriately, duration of time of the execution of these skills, measurement of how much prompting is utilized in skill development, and the ration of correct to incorrect responses.

    Data is collected during three occasions; prior to, during and subsequent to teaching.

    Jessica Struhl Quint - Thesis Presentation on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

    Prior to teaching data collection is used to establish the baseline for skill development. Data that is collected during teaching is used to assess the effectiveness of the materials and teaching strategies used, and the progress of the acquisition of the required skills.

    Data collection subsequent to teaching is used to assess skill acquisition and the maintenance of the acquired skills, for example, can the student demonstrate the skills several months after it was taught? The collected data is then recorded Mendelsohn, The recorded data is used for troubleshooting and decision-making processes. Troubleshooting involves searching for patterns in various aspects of school programming and in the school environment that slow down the standard rate of progress, and initiating the necessary systematic changes Mendelsohn, In generalization, the educators must frequently change the materials in order for the student to develop a broader concept of the skill being taught.

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    The standard rule in generalization is that a skill must be demonstrated or performed in at least three different settings, with three different individuals and at three different times using various teaching materials and teaching aids. Also, the skill is considered to be mastered or leant effectively when the student can demonstrate the skill correctly and independently in 9 out of every 10 attempts Mendelsohn, An effective ABA teaching strategy must put into consideration plans for transitions.

    Examples of transition in an individual with ASD includes transition into a new school setting, between grade levels, between different activities in different settings, transition from high school life into adulthood and life transitions in general. For the sake of those who might not have….